After a decade of growing on WordPress, we have learned to respect, trust, and enthusiastically recommend CloudFlare for DNS management.

The rest of this is going to get technical so this is in in a nutshell: “DNS” stands for Domain Name Service and is the directory for the internet that says what names point to what services. For example, “” points to our particular web server and no one elses. DNS is VERY important for your business because almost all of your digital marketing, from website, to email, and often even your phone system now depends on DNS to route things correctly.

Most internet domain name providers provide only basic DNS services. Cloudflare takes that to a whole new level. Here are highlights:

  • Cloudflare easily lets you block traffic from regions of the world that are both security threads and very unlikely to bring you business. An easy example would be “North Korea”
  • Cloudflare is optimized or WordPress security. It helps cut down on many different kinds of threats automatically included illegitimate logins and comment spam.
  • DNS is vital for your business. With Cloudflare, you can assign user accounts to trusted parties while you keep absolute control of your domain name.
  • Cloudflare will help speed up your website automatically. Images that can be cached will automatically do so. This makes your website faster for your users and improves your SEO.
  • For something so technical, it is pretty easy to use too!

The Cloudflare “Pro” package is $20 per month and we highly recommend that all of our clients purchase directly at We can assist with setup if you don’t have internal or external IT support. This gives you peace of mind that your digital presence is completely under your control and lets us provide you even better digital marketing services.

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Jay Graves

Jay is Chief Operating Officer at Blueprint.Inc ( based in Nashville, TN (better known as the home of He manages financial, technical, and process management, supporting small business clients around the South. He has over 20 years of experience in technology management, software development, strategic business development, and bootstrapped startup companies.