Blueprint.Inc Partners – Sending Invoices

Thank you for being a partner with Blueprint.Inc – the home of!

Our goal is to be a great partner with a streamlined billing process and fair payment schedules. In order to accomplish this, we have the following guidelines:

  • We need invoices sent to [email protected] in PDF format only. We cannot accept emails or other unformatted documents as invoices.
  • Invoices to us should be sent as soon as practically possible after services are rendered or at the end of the month. We depend on this to make sure we are properly accounting for costs but most importantly to pay you quickly!
  • Each invoice should have a date, invoice number, your mailing address + email address, and a clear description of the services/products you provided us. If you don’t already have a software solution that generates invoices, we recommend Invoices2Go or Freshbooks. Numerous other options are out there, but having a clean and clear invoice helps us pay you faster with no mistakes.
  • Our payment terms are 30 days from the invoice receipt date. 
  • Please email [email protected] if you have questions about this process or a specific invoice. Please send only invoices to [email protected].
  • If you need a copy of our 1099, you can download it here. As a note, we do business now as Blueprint.Inc but our official company name is “StyleBlueprint, LLC”.

A good example of an email with information we need to process your payments accurately and on time: