How to get ahead on Pinterest

Welcome to week three of SB Media’s Pinterest series! By now, you’ve learned how to create the best Pins and master Pinterest advertising. This week, we’re moving on from the nitty gritty and getting into the fun stuff: holidays, seasons, big events and special moments.

Ever browsed Pinterest for holiday table setting inspiration or DIY Halloween costumes? Ever done it months ahead of time? You’re not alone. People use Pinterest to get inspired about the major moments in life. Pinners start early and are ready to act, whether that means trying out a tip or purchasing a product.

If you’re looking to get ahead on your Pinterest business profile, it’s important to master Pinning for seasonal moments and cyclical trends. Whether you run holiday campaigns, seasonal promotions or just aim to stay on trend, we have compiled some tips to help you succeed.

How to Get Ahead on Pinterest

  • Choose moments wisely. Pinners plan for all kinds of events – from Black Friday deals to Diwali celebrations – but your business doesn’t have to promote content for all of them. Select a few moments or cyclical trends that align with your brand, and Pin that content well.
  • Start early. Pinterest recommends promoting content early – at least two months prior to an event – to ensure it reaches the greatest audience possible. That’s why you may want to start pinning those holiday cookie recipes now.
  • Get creative. Rely on our guide to creating great Pins, and put a twist on it. Creative content like gift guides, bucket list ideas and “survival kits” can help your campaign stand out against the crowd.
  • Guide your search. Looking for campaign inspiration? Pinterest’s Guided Search Tool can help. Just enter a search term like “Mother’s Day,” and Pinterest will provide you with related keyword suggestions to help you tailor your Pins to what Pinners are actively searching for.
  • See the possibilities. Pinterest Possibilities Planner is your complete guide to seasonal moments and popular events on the platform. Check out their event-specific tips and Pinner interest calendar here. Bonus: For quality holiday Pinspiration, visit their Holiday 2018 boards.

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*All stats sourced from Pinterest here.

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